Alexander Kedrin

May 30 2023

2023 Alexander Kedrin Artwork

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Dec 07 2017

Book: The Formulae of Creation – Aleksander Kedrin

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book cover

Book: The Formulae of Creation Aleksander Kedrin (PDF)

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Aug 03 2017

Moscow Exhibit – June 2017

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Alexander Kedrin - Moscow Art Exhibit - June 2017

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Aug 03 2017

Moscow Exhibit Invitations – June 2017

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Feb 26 2016

The Formula of Creation

Download Alexander Kedrin's Book: The Formula of Creation

Kedrin Book Cover

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Jan 02 2014

2013-2014 Artwork

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The Star Wanderers

The Draw of the Poet

The Fate of the Poet

The Day of the Lord

The Debate in the Garden of Poets


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Nov 01 2013

Best friends

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Sasha Kedrin and Garry Zilberman (Tashkent, 1989) Garry Zilberman

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Jun 23 2013

Memoirs and a Meeting with a Muse

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"A meeting with a muse" 2013 79cm x 246cm (31" x 97")


A meeting with a muse

"Memoirs" 2013 79cm x 246cm (31" x 97")


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May 28 2013

Moscow Exhibit May 23 – June 2, 2013

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944339_583663325007400_2076420764_n980981_543177799056791_1406748749_o . . Listen to Radio Bits: Moscow Radio Bit - 1 (Listen in Russian) . . . Moscow Radio Bit - 2 (Listen in Russian) . . . Exhibit Photos: 65637_543205779053993_925623121_n 168213_543203345720903_1708687942_n 181440_543209772386927_1795396842_n 181459_543204915720746_718000853_n 182961_543205349054036_1641351921_n 249134_543207609053810_1855259714_n 252244_543202825720955_1607854701_n 264497_582785375095195_1704569006_n 293082_582785925095140_1363646919_n 308459_543206685720569_831152841_n 379661_543207225720515_1971699782_n 379676_543171999057371_1003014590_n 417860_543202992387605_2139829097_n 423892_543205425720695_2121787042_n 468858_543204762387428_717007807_o 481838_543206602387244_318500428_n 482503_543207752387129_488648634_n 485594_582785735095159_1725697854_n 575903_543205249054046_1695980365_n 581820_582785528428513_1778645532_n 581918_4809654159868_99813645_n 922747_543205842387320_147837125_n 922956_543206349053936_638359515_n 936378_543174799057091_713065921_n 936872_543206995720538_45402884_n 941929_543206079053963_1307506285_n 942482_543204975720740_1679264189_n 942531_543209475720290_822262800_n 943008_543205985720639_682522720_n 944339_583663325007400_2076420764_n 945501_543175982390306_1894029532_n 946723_543205499054021_1191738876_n 946898_543174442390460_34524003_n 947238_543203432387561_713012720_n 954611_543205059054065_25012376_n 954645_543207419053829_946030560_n 954827_543176922390212_118304259_n 960248_543207315720506_919016781_n 968920_543209582386946_1466383177_n 969189_543202465720991_386307832_n 969544_543207855720452_1285335495_n 969770_543203225720915_1899120472_n 969834_543204172387487_1187720303_n 970163_543206179053953_670372030_n 970892_543204642387440_803722882_n 970941_543203155720922_1071552126_n 971771_543176592390245_1458891361_n 983701_543202795720958_1130815517_n

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May 14 2013

Norton Dodge

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Norton Dodge A friend of Russian nonconformist artists visiting Alexander Kedrin's home (New York 2002)


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