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Jun 04 2009

One more Ceramic plate

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Ceramic Piece

Ceramic Piece

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Jun 03 2009

Recent scans

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I have found several images that were 35mm slides, and have decided to scan them in. Descriptions of the works will be added shortly as well.

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Jul 06 2008

From the Archive #3.- “Bakhor” relief

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“Bakhor” (meaning “spring” in Uzbek language) ceramic sculpture was made in 1977, and installed inside the cafe of  “Yulduz” sewing factory in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

2×5 Meters each (depth 35-40 centimeters), two similar reliefs/sculptures standing next to each other.

This was the first abstract (non-figurative) sculpture in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, which at the time wa part of the Soviet Union.

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Jun 28 2008

Banya “Khamom” project

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Banya “Khamom” (Public bathhouse entrance) in Tashkent. The project was a collaboration with a russian architect Andrey Stanislavovich Kosinski, erected around the year 1979. The relief above the entrance is 90cm in diameter. The monochrome photograph actually depicts a color relief, with red and gold. The relief actually represents the streets of Tashkent, with the buildings originally designed by Kosinski.  Inside the actual building, the facade of which is depicted here, there were a dozen of plates on the walls. The building has been demolished during the current “reconstruction” of the capital of Uzbekistan, so the final fate of the relief is unknown.

This building was the only one, besides the Bogdan Khmelnitsky prospect of buildings designed by Andrei Kosinksi. While he had multiple, very beautiful projects designed for the capital, only these two where approved.

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Jun 22 2008

From the Archive

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The year is 1968, the works were sold to a local tea house “Choihana” in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in the “Victory” Park. Six large plates were ordered and placed in central room of the tea house, on the wall, that is itself covered with ceramic tiles.

This was the first series of ceramic ornamental plates, with some influences of traditional art of Uzbekistan, that I have made. They were made in my studio. Later on, larger works were made at the studio at home, but some were fired at a ceramics factory.

This work also represents one of the first times that I have collaborated with an architect (Leonid Comissar).

Click on the image for larger view.

-Alexander Kedrin.

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Apr 21 2008

Paintings – A mix of various years

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In an effort to create a site that is more organized, I will organize all the images present in the gallery below, including works from early 70’s and 90’s, and some of the more current works into more distinguishable categories. For now, however, here is a collection of works that has not been sorted yet.

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Apr 20 2008

Large scale works

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This is a gallery of large scale works that Alexander Kedrin has done from Mid to late 1980’s in several places in the former Soviet Union. Some are as tall as 9 meters (27 feet).

  • Some Large Scale Ceramic Works

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